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麻烦专业人士帮我们公司抬头翻译下英文,谢谢! 苏...

We put forward the following questions: 1 why invoices on the company's head is not the same with the seal? Our financial requirements that it must be in conformity with the company's head. 2 the beneficiary is to fill in the f...

Please kindly change payee's name from company A to company B in your order.

有多种表达方式:Director of Business Department, Director of Business Division, Business Unit Director, 可以缩短为 BU Director.

Shanghai Exceed Pharmic Co,.Ltd Shanghai Yuanda Cleaning Facility. Co,.Ltd just FYI

Has been updated to complete the attached form, would you please help to check whether there are any errors or position looked up is not correct?

可翻译成抬头,这算是音译,正巧也和它的意思符合。 KK: [ ] n. (名词 noun) 1. 标题,题目;书名[C] The title of the novel is "Sons and Lovers". 该书的书名为《儿子和情人》。 2. (书刊的)扉页[C] 3. 头衔;称号[C] He was given the title of...

We have already informed the Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen Branch to issue an irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit that made by your company title.

Use our company name as heading for letter paper.

I raise my head and look at the bright moon, I lower my head and think of home. Tonight we start the season of white dew The moon is just as bright as in my homeland.

we live under the same roof , and run into each other every day!

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