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fall to the ground fall to an end

Busy fall for

试译,两种想法,顺附直译,楼主斟酌: It must fall, after those scattering clouds finally drift away. 一切终须落幕,在浮云散去之后。 Noisy Life will die off and everything's gonna calm down. 纷繁的生活终将停止喧嚣,一切也将归复...

Flowers fading, whose hand should I hold?

The boundless forest sheds its leaves shower by shower; The endless River rolls its waves hour after hour.

The flower fall, who accompany me to the sunset time

nothing gold can stay beauty is a fragile good flourishing falls plain is ture

堕落 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : degenerate

班门焉敢弄斧?为你找来公认翻译得最好的两个红楼梦英译本,一齐欣赏: (杨宪益译本): When the food is gone the birds return to the wood; All that's left is emptiness and a great void. (霍克斯译本): Like birds who, having fed,...

Flourishing and wash magnificence 繁华落尽洗净铅华

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