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你好!face 读作:福爱丝!希望能够帮到你!

我看这是我的脸,英语:Look, this is my face.It seems to me, this is my face

看着我 这是我的脸 用英语这样说:Look at me. This is my face.

方形的脸 square face 重点词汇释义 方形square; tetragonum; squareness

I am dying to see your face If only I get to see your face I pine for a look at you 希望可以帮到你

“脸” 的英语是 face,属于开音节,字母 a 发字母本身音 [e],音标是 [fes],可以谐音为 “菲丝”.

Face.一、短语:a smiling face;笑脸.make grimaces [faces]; make a face ;耍鬼脸.二、例句:1.她用一张面巾纸擦掉脸上的汗水. She wiped off the sweat from her face with a piece of facial tissue.2.太阳光直射在我们脸上. The sun was

face.For example,don't have you face(你不要脸)1. 脸,面孔[C] His face is thin and very tanned.他的面孔瘦削,晒得黑黑的.2. 面容,表情[C] Hilary's face became very grave.希拉里的面容变得非常严峻.3. 表面;前面;正面[C] He laid the

脸face; countenance; front; feelings; mug

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