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visit a friend(看望) visit; pay a visit to; call on; look up;look in

看望- visit** 看望莫人- visit somebody

see the friends in the hospital有不会的可以再问我

Let's visit our friends.

看望 : 1. (v) visit; pay a call to2. look-in3. look in4. step across Examples:1. 今天下午医生还会来看望的. The doctor will look in again this afternoon.2. 我应该去访问英国军队驻扎过的地中海国家,顺路也去看望一下外约旦. I ought to visit the

拜访我的朋友pay a visit to my friends

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I have a good friend. Let me tell you something about my good friend. He is a boy.He is studying at Grade 7.He is very thin and very tall.and he is kind.When I got into trouble,he aways gave me his hand.I'm very love to make friends with him.What about you?Do you like my friend?

I usually visit friends on weekend.

Dear peter,how are you?I'm going to the summer travel to the United States and see you next week ,I will stay two weeks there .I once the plane will call you, I will go to Hawaii laterYoursLEO | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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