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Look at this picture,please

图片 picture image 相关解释: otograph print 例句: 讲这个故事的时候配有图片. the story is told in words and pictures. 她把图片贴在剪贴簿上. she pasted the pictures into a scrapbook. 我在墙上钉了一个图钉,然后在上面挂了一张小图片. i

picture 音标:英[pkt(r)] 美[pkt] n. 照片,画像; 图画,图片; 影片; 情景;

picture,英[pkt(r)] 美[pktr] picture:可以做及物动词,用作“想象”和imagine一样. The tourists have nothing to do but take pictures of each other. 游客们无事可做,只有相互拍照. 第三人称单数: pictures 复数: pictures n.

picture 这个用的较多image

who? 谢谢!

I'm looking at the picture.

picture或photo都有图片的意思picture / photo 单数pictures / photos 复数

1、Scissors 2、telescope3、handcuffs(手铐)4、Swimming goggles(泳镜)5、Headphone6、Forceps(镊子)7、poker8、Protective goggles9、balance10、Pliers11、Pajamas12、Bib13、Strap14、Shorts15、Briefs16、Trousers17、Women's pants18、Dark pants19、Light-colored pants20、short pants

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