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看电视的英文是watch television.词汇分析 音标: [wt telvn] 释义:看电视;手表电视;收看电视 短语 watch international television 看国际电视 I Watch The Television 我看电视 watch a television screen 注视者电视屏幕 watch

watch TV

看电视 可用 teleview; watch television;有的时候也用简写 watch TV(多为口语,非正式场合);口头上也可以称作see TV;常用的为前两种.不同的时态以watch TV为例(如果要用television,将TV替换成television就可以):现在时:watch TV 过去时:watched TV 进行时:watching TV 将来时:is going to wanch TV或will watch TV 以上是我的回答,如有帮助,请采纳蟹蟹!(**)

看电视:watch TV

watch TV 看电视 watch 英音:[wt] 美音:[wt] TV 缩写词 abbr. 1.=television 英音:['teli,vin] 美音:['tl,vn]

“看电视”的英语是:“watch TV".例如:I am wacthing TV now . (我正在看电视)

televiewv.用电视机收看,收看电视watch televisionv.看电视例句1.他们很多时间都看电视了.They spent a great deal of time watching television.

我在看电视! 用英文表示为: I am watching TV!其中watching的英式发音为['wt],美式发音为 ['wt] ,意思有:观察,监视,看守,注意.拓展资料 I am watching TV的用法1、我想我在看电视吧,要不然就是在睡觉.我不记得 is very popular. most people stick to the tv shows all day long. they don't know it has many effections to them every moment. let's see: tv gives people joy, but also it could damage your thinking. you could forget what you just did eight second ago.

一般现在时:watch TV过去时:Watched TV现在进行时:watching TV

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