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read a newspaper看一份报纸

读报纸read the newspaper/newspapersread the paper/papers (口语)洗碟子wash the dishesdo the dishes (口语)

read newspaper 这绝对没错 我敢肯定

看报纸 read newspaper

动词短语是read newspaper 动名词短语是reading newspaper

翻译如下读报纸read the newspaper例句我读.我每天都设法读报纸.I try to read the newspaper everyday.

Read the newspaper 看报纸/读报纸look through the newspaper浏览报纸

Browse the newspaper 浏览报纸 在公共汽车上,我经常浏览报纸. On the bus I always glance through the paper. 我在浏览报纸时发现了你的名字. I was browsing through the newspaper when I spotted your name. 我正在浏览报纸,突然看到了你的名字. I was browsing through a newspaper when I spotted your name. 我浏览报纸寻找自己需要的信息. I scanned the newspaper for the information I needed.

不对~~应该是read the newspaper~~这样才对

talk with newspapers hard 4.take a picture 5.enjoy yourself/ have a good time6.popular 7.joke 8.eyes 9.remember10.noodle 11.cabbage 12.potato13.dumpling

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