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20分啊,也就给你个提纲,还是中文的.学英语,就要了解英语国家认写信的习惯,跟中文不太一样的.首先是书信格式,dear,先是套话一句,很感谢您在百忙之中阅读我的信.或者很抱歉打扰您.然后1句话的自我介绍,说明白写信人是谁.i'm xxxxxxxxx 接着是表扬老师,赞美老师.先说老师上课怎么怎么好,多么生动有趣,多受同学欢迎,长的多么的帅气,多么的美丽,多么的有耐心.另起一句,来个转折,but,however,although啥米的都可以,你用高级的也成 开始阐述你要说的问题,再提出建议.问题和建议来点连词,therefore,as a result都可以.最后再次感谢下你的老师,或者对打扰老师的歉意.最后落款.

开头 I have some suggestions to tell you .结尾 I hope you can take in my advice.

求助信啊636f707962616964757a686964616f31333363376534,连求助都没有表达出来,拜托大哥复制的你也太假了点吧.OK,言归正传,这是篇书信体文章.我大概写一下,你应该是高中吧,用点高级词汇应该可以能看懂.Dear teacher I

July 20,2008 Dear Live, After reading your letter of July 10,I know you want some advice about learning English. So I tell you some of them now. 1.Sticking to learning is

I suggest, in my opinion, as far as i'm concerned,Some effective measure should be taken to solve this issue.

1,why not do2,would you mind3,could you please4,why don't you do

表示建议的常见句型: If I were you, I'll We should Why don't you ? How about? Let's Maybe you'd better Perhaps we can Maybe you should表示建议的句型 1. Would you like / love (to do) sth.? 这是一个很委婉的表示建议的句型,

开头 I have some suggestions to tell you .结尾 I hope you can take in my advice.

Dear Li Fang,I read your letter yesterday. It's good that you have a high aim for yourself and you know what has prevented you from achieving high scores in exams. But you | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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