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It's easy .或者说It's simple .

Simple, easy, not hard

简单 [几种含义] 1. (不复杂) simple; uncomplicated; plain; simplicity: simple in structure; 构造简单 simple-minded; seeing things too simply; 头脑简单 2. (平凡, 多用否定式) commonplace; ordinary: not simple; fairly complica...

easy表示容易的 simple 表示简单的,不复杂的

So easy

“wish you happy every day”这句话的意思 是:"祝福你快乐每一天"。语法没错。 但是如果你是要翻译“祝福你天天快乐”这句话的话那就应该译为“wish you a happy day”. "英语不是那么简单表达的的”译为“Expression of English is not so simple” 希...

简洁大方的Simple and generous 例句: 她的作品以简洁著称。 Her work is known for pithiness of style. 【谚】言以简洁为贵。 Brevity is the soul of wit.

very simple a piece of cake as easy as pie 都是很简单的意思,

形容词是convenient 名词是convenience 在某人方便的时候at one`s convenience 对某人来说做某事很方便it`s convenient for sb to do sth

方便 convenience conveniency expedience 方便1. (便利) convenient; handy: make things convenient for the people; 方便群众 have a good transport service; 交通方便 2. (上厕所) go to the lavatory: I want to wash my hands. 我要...

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