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It's easy .或者说It's simple .

Children cried happily at the sight of sea. I did not catch on what you said just now. Could you say it again? He was conscious that the task was difficult, but he accepted it finnaly. To this day, I feel inexplicable whenever ...


easy表示容易的 simple 表示简单的,不复杂的

so easy !

简单 [几种含义] 1. (不复杂) simple; uncomplicated; plain; simplicity: simple in structure; 构造简单 simple-minded; seeing things too simply; 头脑简单 2. (平凡, 多用否定式) commonplace; ordinary: not simple; fairly complica...

很简单。很容易。 Very simple. Very easy. So simple. So easy.

Simple, easy, not hard

形容词是convenient 名词是convenience 在某人方便的时候at one`s convenience 对某人来说做某事很方便it`s convenient for sb to do sth

靠 我也一样意见 可惜来晚了 "Simplicity" doesn't mean "simple". 很多文章中会加上引号做强调 而Simplicity is not simple.这个说法并不合适。 另外还有一句话可能lz用得上 就是"Less is more." 这也是一种设计哲学,存在于工业设计,建筑设计...

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