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It's easy .或者说It's simple .

“wish you happy every day”这句话的意思 是:"祝福你快乐每一天"。语法没错。 但是如果你是要翻译“祝福你天天快乐”这句话的话那就应该译为“wish you a happy day”. "英语不是那么简单表达的的”译为“Expression of English is not so simple” 希...

very simple

常用外贸英语 1) This is the rough quotation after the shipping from our factory, and the specific prices will be provided by our headquarters in U.S.A. 2) We are badly sorry that we can't ship the goods in time due to our suppl...

形容词是convenient 名词是convenience 在某人方便的时候at one`s convenience 对某人来说做某事很方便it`s convenient for sb to do sth

请在下面的空白处就你与申请人间的关系作进一步的说明。 ---------------------------------------------------- 请您就申请人在就读研究生期间的情况(或表现)提供一段描述。其中,包括该生与其他学生相比,您是如何评价的? ----------------...

Simple, easy, not hard

Here is a little token of heart. 还有如是token of appreciation, a token of friendship等等。

操作简单 [词典] simplicity of operator; [例句]这个特别的观片器操作简单,配有70张全彩幻灯片。 This special viewer is simple to use and comes with 70 full-colour slides.

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