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记得有首英文歌,有in thE mountAins. ...Color. sky什么的,歌名是什么

"in the mountains. color. sky什么的"准确的歌词是:“of the mountains?colors of the wind?”.这是歌曲《Colors of the Wind》(风之色彩)中的歌词.歌曲信息《Colors of the Wind》译为风之色彩,是由美国歌手Vanessa Williams(凡



i wanted you-ina lately i've been thinking about what i can do 最近我一直在思考我能做什么 i've been stressing to fall back in love with you 我一直强调回落爱上了你 i'm so sorry that i couldn't follow through 我很抱歉,我无法贯彻 but i can't go on this

Invisible wings 翻译过来是隐形的翅膀 是Olivia Ong (王俪婷)唱的

歌名:挥着翅膀的女孩主唱:容祖儿修改:flydreamlove in your eyes sitting silent by my side going on holding hand walking through the nights hold me up hold me tight lift me up to touch the sky teaching me to love with heart helping me open my

Seasons in the sun Goodbye to you my trusted friend We've known each other since we were nine or ten Together we've climbed hills and trees Learned of love and ABC's Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees Bryan: Goodbye my friend it's

应该就是 约翰丹佛 的《Take me home country roads》初中英语课本上还有过的呢乡村音乐的话,推荐你一首《remember when》

野人花园(Savage Garden)的一首经典老歌 《truly madly deeply》 i'll be your dream i'll be your wish i'll be your fantasy i'll be your hope i'll be your love be everything that you need i'll love you more with every breath turly,madly,deeply do i'll be strong

Let Go for Tonight - FoxesFell from the skyWe fell from the sky and started walkingLeaving our footprints on the groundIt might be a prayerOr maybe a piece of conversationWherever we go we make a soundSo I call your name the only thing I knowIs

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