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急~~~ 帮忙翻译!! 高手请进!

This article mainly elaborated enhanced the enterprise competitive power two countermeasure analysis: The first kind is a Internet, relies on convenient and the inexpensive network information service, causes an enterprise to stand in the identical

Ate the turkey history already to have in the recent 400 years. This symbolic abundant harvest reunion feels grateful the western-style food “ It is said in 1620 Christmas day, in large numbers Piao LiMao Si who arrives at the Americas mainland

World history of the development of tourism and business activities in the hotel industry since ancient times there, it emerged restaurants. European legend about the initial accommodation facilities began in ancient Rome, and the development

同进士出身 七级 ----not bad at all.

Ease Customer 绝对最佳答案,哈哈哈

this item is a miltifounctional bike . the connection board in the middle of the bike can extant along with the child growing .the pedal also can go around .the handdra

long long ago, there was a smart kid called Kong Rong. He is study hard and good at thinking. He has five older brothers and one younger brothers. One day, his father bought some pairs. His father let Kong Rong choose at first. He took the smallest

Today, I want to say something about movies. Have I'm more interested in the film, for example, the spurs by baling " Like the sting of baling or because I'm a real fan, so he is always the movie I liked.Mention films had recently? Let me think the

Seasky brave in the future Bring dedication will be the fate of breaking the lock Indifference people Thank you, I had underestimated I do not bow to live

Myself nowHello! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce myself, I'm from guangdong guang ya Angel of experimental school, everybody else is kelly Chen.French mathematician phil horse once said: "make great invention of young

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