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回家的英文:go home、return home、be home、come back home、get home.1、go home 英 [u hum] 美 [o hom] I go to work early and come home late. 我上班很早,回家很晚.2、be home 英 [bi: hum] 美 [bi hom] He turned up in

return home: 返回家,一般没有感情色彩 come back home :回家,主要因为有个come,显出有个回家的强烈愿望,有 “终于回来了”的感觉 go home:就是去家,没指出是自己本人回家还是叫别人去自己家

回家的英文翻译是get home.词汇分析 get home 英 [et hum] 美 [t hom] v. 回家; 双语例句1. Come along, lad. Time for you to get home. 来吧,小伙子.你该回家了.2. I'll telephone you as soon as I get home. 我一到家就给你打电话.3. I will

回家:go home发音:英 [u hum] 美 [o hom] 例句:1、I think I'll go home and have a shower. 我觉得我得回家冲个澡.2、Then we'd go home and cuddle up together to watch TV. 然后我们就回家,依偎在一起看电视.3、You shall have tea

回家 [huí jiā] go [come] home; be home; return home: on one's way home; 在回家路上 Is he home yet? 他已回家了吗? I saw him on his way home. 我在他回家的路上遇见他. They did not return home till 9 o'clock. 他们九点钟才回家.

get home英 [et hum] 美 [t hom] v.回家 例句: We waited for Mom and Dad to get home 我们等爸爸妈妈回家. go home 英 [u hum] 美 [o hom] 回家 例句: If you don't mind, I think I'd like to go home. 如果你不介意的话,我想我要回家了.

go home return home 都可以表示回家的意思

Go home.(短语:回家),I come back.(我回来了),I will go home.(我要回家了)

你好: 很乐意帮助你!Go home.let's go home.祝你学习进步,请及时采纳,多谢!

回家:go home 我要回家了:I must go home now

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