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你好!画画 你好 drawing 英[dr:] 美[dr] n. 绘画; 制图; 图画; 图样; v. 拉; 绘画(draw的现在分词); 拖; 拔出; [例句]She did a drawing of me.她给我画了张像.

画画 译:v.Draw/paint n. drawing/Painting misc. draw a picture 双语例句:He's good at drawing. 画画他很拿手.I love to draw and draw well. 我喜欢画画,也画得一手好画.Level the colours before you start painting.画画前先把色调匀了.

画画的英文是:draw,其读音是英 [dr:] 或 美 [dr].【详细释义】1、vt.& vi. 绘画; 拖,拉; 招致; 吸引2、vt. 画; 拉; 吸引;3、vi. 移动; 拔出剑; 皱缩; 汲取4、n. 平局; 抽奖 【例句】1、He was waving his arms to draw their attention.他正挥手以引起他们的注意.2、She learned to draw by tracing pictures out of old storybooks.她通过描摹旧故事书上的图画学会了画画.3、They say I draw well.他们说我画得

画画[huà huà]draw; draw a picture 例句1.你又开始画画了?You started painting again?2.你几时开始画画了?Since when do you paint?3.他一边画画儿一边啃着一片面包.He nibbled a piece of bread while drawing a picture.4.字面上的意思就是你

一、英文:draw; draw a picture二、双语例句:1 画画他很拿手.He's good at drawing.2 如果我不能靠画画谋生,至少我可以教别人画画.If I can't make a living at painting, at least I can teach someone else to paint3 她抬头看了一下,然后继续画画.She looked up for a moment, then continued drawing.参考资料

画画 [huà huà] 基本翻译 drawing draw a picture 网络释义 画画:drawing|Draw|draw a picture 怎样画画:How to draw 写写画画:Write and draw

画画 用英语说,就是 draw a picture; 或者draw pitures; 也可以picture drawing.例如句子:the boy(girl) is drawing a picture.那个男孩(女孩)正在画画(指正在画一幅画).he likes to draw pictures.他喜欢画画.she enjoys drawing pictures.她喜欢画画.i will attend a picture drawing class.我去上画画的课.英语是不是很好玩.希望你天天进步!



Drawing picture.

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