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诱使某人做某事: trick sb into doing sth

advise sb to do sth

骗某人做某事Cheat sb. to do sth

1.欺骗,欺诈(某人):You've been tricked. 你受骗了.2.~ sb.into sth./doing sth. 用计引诱某人做某事:She tricked him into marriage/marrying her.她施了个巧计诱他娶她为妻.3.~sb. out of sth. 骗走某人的某物;诈骗:Her partner tried to trick

trick sb into doing sth:诱使某人做某事 entrap sb. into doing sth

英文翻译:bambamboozlementbeguilecoaxcozenagedeceivedo a snow job onfinaglehoaxkidlullpalaverplay the advantage overshamspooftake intrickwanglewheedleThe employer tried to gull the leaders of the trade union into signing the contract雇

你好!cheat sb into doing sth 打字不易,采纳哦!

cheat/fool/trick sb out of doing sth都是一种用法

persuade somebody to do something

cheats一般在英语里是不这么用的 常用词组 to cheat sb out of sth 骗取某人的某物如果想说骗人做事 用trick sb into doing sth | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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