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1.一般将来时2.情态动词should,must的用法,以及have better to,have to do sth.3.used to do sth.4.感叹句5.过去时6.比较级7.there be句型

my last weekendi was very busy last weekend,on saturday morning ,i visted my grandparents and helped them clean the room,in the afternoon,i went to the bookstore to buy some books;on sunday,i washed many clothes in the morning,and watched

My Sunday Today is Sunday. I got up very early in the morning. After breakfast I went to the bookstore. I wanted to buy a book Robinson Crusoe. I looked for the book for quite some time but couldn't find it. the shop assistant then came to help me.

I like wirting diary, now I am writing it down. I am usually running with my dad every morning, but today I was climbing hill with him,We were very happy when we were in the top of the hill. then in t

My summer holidays have gone. In the holidays I had a good time .I went to Beijing with my parents. We visited the summer palace (颐和园)and the forbidden city.(故宫). Then we went to climb the Great Wall. There we took many photos .Finally

My Last Weekend Hello!I am xxx.I was a busy last weekend.On Saturday morning,Iwashed the clothes.On Saturday afternoon ,Idid my homework at home.On Sunday morning,I played football with my good friend.I watched TV on Sunday afternoon.How busy I was!

一般过去时表示(1)过去某个特定时间发生,并且一下子就完成了的动作(即:非持续性动作),也可以表示(2)过去习惯性的动作.一般过去时不强调动作对现在的影响,只说明过去. I had a word with Julia this morning.今天早晨,我跟朱

we had a good time well, national day was coming. i went to xiamen with my family and we went there by plane. after we got there, we went to gu lang yu and jin bang park. and we took many pictures, ate much delicious food, went shopping and

今天中午我刚写一篇.老师刚检查完My last weekend I had a good time last weekend .On Saturday morning,I did my homework and did some reading .I like reading. On saturday afternoon,I played computer games at home. The computer games

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