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everybody has his own favorite city. me,too. my favorite city will be clean and tidy. there will be not too many people because if there will be millions of people,the city will be too crowded. the city won't have too much pollution because it'll be bad for our

we had dinner at seven:i got up at six in the morning yesterday. then i washed my face and brushed my teeth. after a quick breakfast, i went to school in my mother's car. it took us more than half an hour to get there. we had four hours classes in the

A Visit to Beijing Zoo Last Sunday morning, my friend and I went to visit the Beijing Zoo. We went by bike.It took us about half an hour to get there. When we got there, it was already crowdedwith people. There were a lot of foreign visitors, too. It is

My vacation What did you do on your vacation?I usually stayed at home and did the homework or watched TV.Sometimes,I liked to go shopping with my friend.On summer vacation,I might fish if my parents allowed me.I am thinking about what to do

呵呵.if tomorrow is fine,i 'll go shopping with my mother.i will buy some books.i will buy some clothes.and of course,i'll buy some food.i think it will be a good day!(翻译:如果明天天气好,我就和妈妈一起去购物.我会买一些书,一些衣服.当然,我还会买一些吃的.我想明天会是美好的一天的!) 简单的将来时态,望采纳!

Graduation and Moving onGraduation is a time when we move on, from school to university, or out into the real world. Before graduating from school, We usually have a variety of activities, like taking pictures, leaving encouraging words to one


现在 My day I got up early in the morning.I felt really fine today.I washed my hands and had breakfast.And then I started to do my homework,it was really difficult,but I finished it.I played basketball in the afternoon,and in the evening, I went to see a


您好:Hello, Jim, my dear!I was, this Sunday, I'd like to invite you to go to the seaside barbecue, with my father, mother, sister, and grandma, because my sister from the United States, you want to come back in a play, get together, so I have invited

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