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what can I do for you ?/can I help you ?I would like to buy a coat for my about the one?well,how much is it ?100 yuan.well,I'll take it .我是从事英语的,乐意为你解答.

let is go shopping

1 逛街购物买衬衫 JOY: Why don't we get you some shirts?LOUIS: I want to leave. We've already been here two hours.JOY: But we should get you some shirts while we're here. You need summer shirts.LOUIS: I would rather buy them somewhere else.

购物英语对话 A:Could you tell me how much it is?(您能告诉我这个的价格是多少吗?)B:In the neighbourhoud of $ 500.(500美元左右.)A:That's way too much money.(

A:May I help you?B:Yes!I want to buy a sweater for my son.A:This way please.How about this one ?B:I think it is ok.C:No,I don't like red very much.I like green.A:So what do you think the green sweater there?C:yes, I like it!B:Ok.How much is it?A:It is

A: I'm going to have to do some shopping today.B: Oh yeah? What do you need to go shopping for?A: I want to find a new bedroom set.B: Do you know where you're going to find your bedroom set?A: I have no clue.B: i've got no experience on

A:Hi,there! What can i help you today? B:emmmmI wanna buy a present for my grandma's birthday. A:Do you have anything in mind? i suggest thiswoollen carf. it's good for old ladies, especially in winter. B:but that's what i gave her last year. A:oh

Excuse me ,can I help you ?Yes, I want to have a look at of that pair of shoes?Okay ,here you are .En,it's a little big ,do you have small ones ?Yes ,here it is ,it's a little small Yeah ,it's fine .I will take it .thank you ,that's forty yuan .Here is the money .okay ,bye.

Purchasing Housewares购买家庭用品 Dorothy : How much is our budget?Billy : Ten thousand dollars.Dorothy : We've already bought an oven, a washing machine, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. We don't have much money left, do we?

S: Shop assistent(店员袭百) T: Tom S:Can I help you ?T:Yes,plese. I want a T-shirt.S:What color do you want?T:Blue.S:Here you are.T:It's nice.I'll take it S:How much is it?T:50 yuan.S:I'll take it.T:Thank you!度 S:You are welcome! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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