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shopping词汇 to do some shopping; to go shopping 买东西 shopping centre 商业中心区 department store 百货商店 children's goods store 儿童用品商店 antique shop 古玩店 second-hand store 旧货店 counter 柜台 stall, stand 售货摊 show window


购物”的英语是shopping,英 ['p]美 ['p].1. i am opposed to going shopping with others.我反对与他人一起外出购物.2. that new shopping centre is a real eyesore.那个新的购物中心真是难看极了.3. she and her mother got on

购物的英文为shopping ;buy;purchase; 读音:英[p] 美[:p],买东西; 工作室,制作室; 车间; 家庭作坊; vi.选购:为寻找商品或便宜货而逛商店; 到处寻找:为得到某物而寻找它; vt.逛(某一个商

go shopping 2009-05-30 20:24:02 来自: 翩音萦弦(Ie Chemin obligatoire) 饼干类 Biscuits 零嘴 Snacks 各式洋芋片 Crisps 宠物食品 Pet. Food 糖业类 Confectionery 厕所用品 Toiletries 谷类食品 Cereals 家禽类 Poultry 各式腌菜 Pickles 以下将

名词shopping;动词短语go shopping;shopping on-line网上购物

Refined leisure, fashion, retro, unique, beautiful, trendy

do some shopping 买东西 望采纳~~~

如果你是营业员见到老外先说Can I help you?有什么可以效劳的吗?It costs XX yuan. 这东西值XX元推荐商品的话,说:This one is more appropriate for you.这东西更适合你.他若说Thank you,你则说:You are welcome最后说Good bye

shopping, buy, how much, can I see another color? tax included, tax excluded,

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