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下面是一些有关购物的情景的对话,供您参考.1.May/Can I help you?2.您想买点什么?2.Are you looking forsomething particular? 您需要什么东西?3.We have a clearancesale today. 我们今天清仓大处理. 4.The price will go down. 价格将会降

小学6年级吗One day I want shopping with my mum,the assistant is very kind ,she asked :"Can I help you ?Madam",Mum said :"Is there T-shirt for my son here?" How old is your son?Ten years old Yes,This way Please.Which color do you want ,

我们去(商店)逛逛吧!Let's go window-shopping.I'm flat broke. (我身无分文.) Let's go window-shopping anyway. (不管怎么说,我们去逛逛吧.) Why don't we go window-shopping?Shall we go window-shopping? (去逛商店吗?) 人

我买了 I'll take it! 多少钱 How much is it ? 我可以(再)试穿吗? Could I try it on (again) ?但是太贵了 But it'so expensive 我只是看看 I'm just looking我去别的店看看 Maybe I'll just keep looking这个有折扣吗 Do these have discount ? (一般衣服裤子这样说)帮我先留着,我明天在买. Please save it for me, I'll take it tomorrow想不出来了~~买东西别在用BUY 了~~用TAKE 好点~

购物:go shopping

Sales clerk:"How are you, Sir, what does the demand buy some son?" Customer:"Oh, I want to buy a bunch a flower for mother, tomorrow is her birthday." Sales clerk:"That you might as well send gladiolus, its representative work hard,


英语购物用语 如果你在讲英语国家的商店购物,则一定要掌握好用英语购物的用语,下面是一些在购物时常用的购物用语,一起来学学吧! 一、售货员招呼顾客: 在讲英语国家的商店里,售货员见到顾客时常说: 1. May I help you? 您买东西

cart 超市的手推车item 货品which section 在哪个区域this section 在这个区域how much? 多少钱What's this? 这是什么where is it?它在哪里I can't find it. 我找不到Can I help you? 我可以帮你吗呃,也不是太确定你到底要什么样的,是说您是店员吗?如果不够我还可以帮您,但是您最好给个明确方向.

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:danc666啦啦啦 英语情景对话购物篇Reception接待 1.WhatcanIdoforyou? 你要些什么? 2.CanIhelpyou?我能帮你吗?(需要些什么?)3.Doyoufindanythingyoulike? 你找到你喜欢的吗?

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