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dear parents you recently had good? i miss you, leaving you already have more than two months, i am in the school all right. my teachers and classmates are very friendly to me. they often help me with my study. now i am learning grades have

Dear father and mother: Time is gone by,now I have grown up,I am a teenager.I am thinkful to yours.Though I have no power to take care of your,but I believe that I will do my best to study,when I have the power,I will treat your well. Yours

Dear parents: How are you?I haven't seen your for a long time.I miss your very much.Don't worry about me,I'm fine.I like studing very much,I'm work hard.I'm very busy ,so I can't go home now.But when I have a long holiday,I will go home and visit your.Look after yourself and happy every day. Love from. your daughter

MY FATHER'S LIFE\r\n My father is a doctor.He is improtant for his healthy life.He is gets up early . He says: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.(早睡早起使人健康、富裕又聪明)


Dear,MOM Comes to my college life, I think of two words. One is colorful, the other peaceful. They are used to describe my college life in different periods.I still remember the first day I set foot in this college. Buildings were surrounded by many trees.

A letter to my parentsDear Mom and Dad,I love you!I love you with all my heart!This letter to you is to tell you my true feelings from the bottom of my heart.Thank you so much for

Dear mom and dad,It has been two weeks since I last wrote to you.I am so sorry that I on the term paper for one of the classes.Most professors gave out the review problems

dear dad and mom: I have been studied in our school for some time and I enjoyed my life here,I gained much acknowledge and made lots of friends ,the teachers here are all kind and responsible with we students,whenever I face any diffculties,

Mom and dad:Thank you!I paid you for how much, I without reward you.Hazy remember, when I toddler, dear mother, is you, handed me and accompany me -- fell to teach me one step, let me know the road wi | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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