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现在,满怀憧憬的未来,似乎想把自己心中的一点一滴都倾诉出来,觉得没有了倾诉,文字语言就没有了意义.因为那时候固执地相信,黑暗中的火光,即便微弱,也是亮的,温暖的. 一年前的11月,你突然跑到我家塞了个袋子给我,里面是

My dear friends,We will be separate in just a few months.When looking back on the days that we spent with each other,my heart is filled with sadness.I'm feeling extremely thankful for your company.So much for this.On a fine day around ten years

Dear Mr. Smith:- How are you! It's a pity that I'm leaving this school soon. At this moment, I want to say :” Thank you!” You have taught us for three years. I think you are a good teacher. You regard us as your own children and take good care of

一般现在时:How can we learn English well We are learning English now. But how can we learn English well A student can know a lot about English, but maybe he can't speak English. If you want to drive a car, you must learn to drive a car and

Time flies.It's been almost two months since I was employed with much pleasure to work for Union Fashion.Working with you all has been a nice experience.So many friends and so much joys.This is gonna be my last day here in the company.I

Time flies, today is my work in , the last day of is the first company I work in work in more than three years, I learned a lot, also learned much, here I want to thank everybody for me at work support and help Thank me at the same time, in my work

Dear College,I've been here for the whole year,and I've learnt a lot about life and love.Looking back,I can see the footsteps I left on the roads and I can still sense the fragrance

am leaving. First of all, I'd like to thank you for all your support and love to me during the_____days. Next, I'd like to wish you good luck in the Junior High School Exam. Looking back at the three unforgettable years we have had at school, there

Dear (收信人/公司) Thank you for all the consideration and teachings that you have given me in the past five years. It is with great regret that I say that I must leave you on (日期). I truly enjoyed working with you and would like to thank you again

It's time to return to my hometown and say goodbye.I quite appreciate it that The ABC Company has given so much help to me and i feel so lucky to own the memories of our friendship.During the 6 years i have been in China,i fell in love with it without | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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