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翻译成英语(现在许多学生在一起议论他们欣赏什么样的老师Now many students get together to discuss about what kind of teachers they like, there are different views on this matter,

每天有许多的同学在一起讨论学习在一起玩耍回答:Everyday, many students discuss and study together.

许多学生有他们自己的观点翻译Many / Lots of / Plenty of / A lot of students have their own opinions /(points

将括号内的翻译成英语(和这些同学在一起我回答:We could be more casual with these students together.

英语翻译求英语翻译,一些家长赞成这样的观点,他们觉得Some parents approve of the idea,they think it can cultivate children's ability, enhance

【英语翻译根据所给的英语提示将下列句子翻译成英文1根据所给的英语提示将下列句子翻译成英文1.王老师正在和学生们谈论他们喜欢的歌手.(take about

喜欢看体育节目,但是游戏节目更受欢迎 翻译成英语conj. 然,尽管,即使,纵然,虽,虽说,然而,不过,只是,但是。三、例句:Although my uncle is old, he

现在许多同学对参加学校运动很感兴趣。翻译回答:Now many students are interested in taking part in school exercise.

翻译我们班的许多学生英语两种说法回答:1)In our class, there are many students 2)There are many students in our class

他们的英语水平的建议 .。 翻译成英文回答:many students asked for the suggestion which could improve their english level. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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