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翻译 在家看电视

你好!今天下午我在家看电视I watched TV at home this afternoon

你好!翻译为:Sometimes I watch TV at home!希望能够帮到你!

let's watch television at home together

Watching TV in home is more comfortable than seeing film in cinema

What about watching TV at home ? 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

第一句 第二句是强调我正在家看电视这个状态,而第一句就是陈述昨晚发生的一件事情而已.

Every day I watch TV at home. 望采纳.谢谢

不要总是呆在家看电视Don't always stay home and watch TV

翻译如下我宁可在家看电视直播也不去现场i'd rather watch the live telecast at home than go to the scene

我觉得是:It's a relaxed thing to watch TV at home.还有问题欢迎询问哦~

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