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锻炼体育锻炼 take exercise或have physical training:例句: build up a strong constitution; 锻炼好身体 train regularly to keep fit; 经常锻炼以保持健康

锻炼Physical exercise锻炼Physical exercise

锻炼的意思有很多,下面列出三种语境:build up a strong constitution锻炼好身体 train regularly to keep fit经常锻炼(运动)以保持健康 be tempered in the great storms在风浪中经受锻炼(历练)

锻炼 [duàn liàn] 【中文】 exercise :锻炼,做操;练习,习题 vi. 锻炼 exercise :锻炼,做操;练习,习题 vi. 锻炼 exercitation:锻炼, 训练, 运行 anld :annealed 退火,焖火,锻炼,磨练(意志)

practice 在国外,实习 就是practice work

如果是体育锻炼 多用 physical exercise (当名词用)如果是 take exercise (动词和名词)做运动 例如 I will take exercise this eveninghave physical training 也是锻炼的意思 train 为动词 这个锻炼强调一直锻炼 training为动名词 , 也可以看做固定搭配吧

take more exercise 或: exercise more

能锻炼身体 can exercise the body 双语对照 双语例句 1 我早起为的是能锻炼一下身体. i get up early so that i can do some exercises. 2 我13岁了,我喜欢做运动,因为能锻炼身体! i tina! i am13 years old, i like to exercise, because, physical activity!

exercise 采纳一次吧

exercise就可以表达锻炼身体的意思了exercise the body 会误翻译为行政机构

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