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锻炼身体:harden the body Doing exercises in the open air is good for your health.露天锻炼身体有益你的健康. I'm not a great believer in (taking) regular physical exercise. 我对经常锻炼身体的好处有点怀疑.Exercise stimulates the body.运动锻炼

锻炼身体 do physical exercise build up one's body work out

最后一句对,也就是 I get up early and do exercise everyday. 望采纳,谢谢!

锻炼身体physical exercise锻炼身体physical exercise

exercise就可以表达锻炼身体的意思了exercise the body 会误翻译为行政机构

我每天早上跑步锻炼身体的英文:I run for exercise every morning.具体解析:I run for exercise every morning.英文发音:[a rn f(r) 'ekssaz 'evr 'mn] 中文释义:I -我 run for-为而跑步 exercise-锻炼、练习 every morning-每个

“锻炼身体可以让我们变得强壮”"Exercise can make us strong"

锻炼身体exercise the body;body building注:exercise英 [ekssaz] 美 [eksrsaz] n. 练习; 运动,训练; 运用; 典礼; vi. 锻炼,训练,练习; vt. 锻炼(身体某部位); 使焦虑,使忧虑; 实行,发挥(作用); 运用; [例句]She exercises two or three times a week.她每周锻炼两三次.[其他] 第三人称单数:exercises 复数:exercises 现在分词:exercising 过去式:exercised 过去分词:exercised

能锻炼身体 can exercise the body 双语对照 双语例句 1 我早起为的是能锻炼一下身体. i get up early so that i can do some exercises. 2 我13岁了,我喜欢做运动,因为能锻炼身体! i tina! i am13 years old, i like to exercise, because, physical activity!

它能锻炼身体It can exercise它能锻炼身体It can exercise

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