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in winter

展开全部wintern.1. 冬,冬季;冷天[C][U]We have passed the last few winters in the south.近几年冬天我们都是在南方度过的.It's cold in winter.冬天天气冷.2. 【书】晚年;衰退期;逆境[C][U]vi.1. 过冬[Q]vt.1. 对(动植物)进行过冬保护;对进行冬天饲养We winter the cows in the barn.我们让母牛在牲口棚里过冬.

冬天:winter冬天的天气很冷:the weather in winter is very cold.


winter我也喜欢冬天Winter came, and in this season of snow, full of endless pleasure. Winds have been blowing and warm in the room, I was very happy. At the time of snow and snow in free flight, it is so pure, the ground covered with a layer of

英语,是winter.在冬天,可以用in the winter.

冬天英文:winter 音标:英 [wnt(r)] 美 [wnt] winter英 [wnt(r)] 美 [wnt] 第三人称单数:winters第三人称复数:winters现在分词:wintering过去分词:wintered过去式:wintered winter 基本解释 名词:冬,冬天; 年岁;


春天spring 夏天summer 秋天autumn(英)或者fall(美) 冬天winter 如果说四季那只能是four seasons,进过多少个春夏秋冬可以说成over the seasons,或者after so many years


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