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得高分: get/achieve a high markget high marksget a high markget top grades

It is normal to hope for high marks

我紧挨着他坐了下来.I sat next to him closely.我们都想获得高分.We all want to achieve high marks.你能用英语说它吗?Can you say it in English?在第一天,我们都非常兴奋.We are really excited on the first da

get full marksIt is to be hoped that she will get full marks in English.希望她会在英语考试中得到满分.

我在下一次考试得了高分Next time I'm in good grades

Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world. It's enjoyed by people from the whole world. It can be proved by the Chinese restaurants seen everywhere in the world. Catering culture is of greart importance in Chinese culture. To Chinese, eating is the


i study hard and get high marks in exams.我学习刻苦而且考试得高分

I hope to get high mark/score for all the exams.

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