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clean the room 希望你满意O(∩_∩)O~

打扫房间英文:clean the room

clean the room或者 clean the house

打扫房间 Clean a room 例句他雇用了一个每天来打扫房间的女佣人.He's got a daily woman who comes in and cleans his room. 她拿着扫帚打扫房间.She sweeps the room with a broom.

Clean your room; clean the room; cleaning the room; cleaning the house . 这些都行,你挑一个;

打扫房间是clean the room 去那里go there,这里不能加to,如果是具体的地方,比如学校,那就是go to the school

Clean my room 打扫我的房间 I cleaned the room 打扫我的房间 To clean my room 打扫我的房间 打扫我的房间 网络 Clean my room; cleaned my room 当我忘了打扫我的房间时,我妈妈真的生气了.My mother gets really angry when I forget to

打扫房间用英文:Clean the room

clean the room

clean room

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