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他通常周末打篮球 翻译成英文he often plays basketball on the weekend.he usually plays basketball on the weekend.

亲爱的楼主:您可以翻译为:play basketball 祝您步步高升期望你的采纳,谢谢

i want to play basketball

一般说来用 play basketball可参照例句1.我们既不将打篮球也不将打排球.We are going to play neither basketball nor volleyball.2.我很累了.早餐以来我一直都在打篮球.I'm rather tired. I've been playing basketball since breakfast.3.我们明天不打篮球.We will not play basketball tomorrow.4.你喜欢打篮球吗?Do you like playing basketball?

打篮球翻译成英文是:play basketball[例句]Now is the best time to play basketball.现在是最适合打篮球的时候.


1. i like playing basket ball.2. i like to play baskeball.3. i love playing basketball.4. i love to play baskeball.5. i am fond of playing baskeball.6. i enjoy playing basketball.7. i am keen on playing basketball.8. my favourite sport is basketball.9. i adore basketball,

他每天都练习打篮球.英文:He practices basketball every day.

您好翻译为 look! he is play basketball at school希望帮助你

I am going to (play) basketball tomorrow.

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