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出现问题 英语怎么说

最简单的:Sth don't work/isn't work,另外还有fault,out of order, 比如:The machine is out of order. Something is wrong with this machine. 也可以用there be句型。 望采纳。

I face a problem that is.... .....goes wrong It's difficult for me to ... I don't think it's easy for me to ....

Quality problems, 例句 介绍了在建筑中防止墙面出现质量问题的措施。 The measures of preventing the of wall quality of questions of in building.

“突然的出现”的英文为“Suddenly appear”。 “Suddenly”是副词词性,意为"意外地,忽然地; 奄; 勃; 霍然;" 例句:Suddenly, she looked ten years older. 突然间她看起来老了10岁。 "appear"是动词词性,意为“发表; 出现,显现; 出庭,出场; 演出;...

为了避免以后出现问题 In order to avoid problems down the line, 为了避免以后出现问题,现在就需要进行投资,而且我们必须寻求公共和私营部门合作的新的形式。 In order to avoid problems down the line, investments need to be made now, ...

1、just now i made somethig wrong 2、你也可以根据上面的自己延伸一些内容,具体的错误是什么; 3、这个很简单的,或者sorry i was wrong just now .这样子简单明了的都可以的。 4、下次遇到这种情况,没想到就直接回答上面的句子就行。

some problems that easily happen

There is something wrong with the Internet.

这句话可以用陈述语气,也可以用虚拟语气,关键看是真实情况,还是非真实情况或者可能性大还是校试比较: If the sitiation becomes bad, serious problems can / could / may/might appear. (真实条件句,could与might不表示过去,只表示could...

改善上次试验时出现的问题. To improve the problems in the test of last time. To improve the problems found in the test of last time. 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

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