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have dinner have supper eat dinner

1、eat dinner 英 [it dn(r)] 美 [it dnr] 吃晚饭 例句:You're not going to eat dinner? 那你不吃晚饭了?2、have dinner 英 [hv dn(r)] 美 [hv dnr] 吃晚饭;吃饭;吃正餐 例句:How would you like to have dinner one

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该是吃晚饭的时候了 It's time for dinner.It's time to have supper 希望采纳哦!

吃晚饭可以说have super/dinner. super本来就是晚饭的意思,而dinner指的是正餐,西方人习惯将晚餐当做一天中最重要的一餐,所以have dinner 也可以用来表示吃晚餐.

我 6:50 吃晚饭.I have dinner at six fifty.I have dinner at ten minutes to seven.

have dinner

吃晚饭sup on; to dine; to have dinner; to have supper例句如果你有空的话,周三晚上来和我们一起吃晚饭吧.Come and have supper with us on Wednesday, if you're free

have supper

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