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不用谢: My pleasure; Welcome; You are so welcome; That is my responsibility; All right 没关系: That's fine; That's ok; No problem; It doesn't matter; Don't worry

没有用英语是not useful

1. 他考试不及格. He failed in the exam. 2. 我用功,免得考不及格. I study hard, so that I may not fail in the examinations. 3. 我宁愿考不及格,也不愿意考试作弊. I would rather fail than cheat in the examination. 4. 她有一门不及格,但我们必

不可以用英语:cannot; may not; do not; should not;no way 例句1 为什么不可以在一起呢? Why can't they be together? 2 我们可不可以回去? Can we go back now? 3 你为什么不可以呢? Why wouldn't you?4 你可不可以回来?But will you come back?5 那我们为什么不可以? Then why can't we?

refuse,英 [r'fjuz],美 [r'fjuz] v. 拒绝 n. 垃圾;废物 名词: refuser 过去式: refused 过去分词: refused 现在分词: refusing 第三人称单数: refuses refuse的基本意思是“拒绝”,指由于不情愿或不愿意而对某项要求或事物给予否定的

不能eng 不能cannotunableshouldnotmustnot 短语不能的unable;incapable;Systemic Risk;out of his range 静坐不能akathisia;acathisiaakathisia 不能确定UNKNOWN;Not sure;We cannot determine 吞咽不能aphagia;aglutition;dysphagia 不能忘记

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「不」的英语单词 副词not 名词no 形容词 no

不要的英文翻译是don't,don't在句子中可以在开头或在主语后作谓语使用.don't 英 [dnt] 美 [dont] n.不要,禁忌;莫;别;甭 关键词汇分析:do 英 [du] 美 [du] aux.构成疑问句和否定句;代替动词;用于加强语气 vt.做;干;进行;从事 vi.表现 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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