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不是房间 用用英语怎么说

clean the room

不是你昨天预定的房间吗?Weren't you that booked the room yesterday? 或:Wasn't it you that booked the room yesterday?此句用一般过去时.book the room - 预定房间 您好,原文翻译如上供参考,不明白可继续提问.若回答对您有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮.

Excuse me ,is this your room?No ,this is her s.

我指的不是休息的房间.I don't mean the room for resting.用英语怎么说 How to say it in English?新闻 News

they aren't in the room

上面的房间英语这么说:Upper room

Excuse me,do you have any room?再看看别人怎么说的.

room 房间音标:[英][ru:m] [美][rum, rm]望采纳!谢谢楼主哦,也希望可以帮到您!

He is not in cleaning his room also is not in reading

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