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不能 不会的英语怎么说

(1)我不会说英语.I can't speak English .(2)我不说英语.I don't speak English .(3)我不会用英语说话.I can't speak in English .不懂请追问,满意请【采纳】. 谢谢 !

你是要问"我不会"用英语怎么说?还是"我不会用英语"怎么说?2个问题2个答案哦:1. 我不会: Sorry,I don't know./Sorry, I can't do it.2. 我不会用英语: Sorry, I can't speak English.

一个词: impossible 不可能一句话: it is impossible. 这不可能

have to have no choice but to be bound to cannot but cannot help but be obliged to do sth.

Have to use.例句:I have to use the question with this answer.我不得不用这个答案去解释这个问题.

cannot 砍挠他 重音在第二个字 或者can't 抗他 重音在第一个字 最准确的读法,最好找个金山词霸,点击发音,听系统发音标准哦


Impossible: [ im'psbl ] a. 不可能的 [ 副词impossibly ] 例句与用法 1. You are the most impossible person I've ever met! 你是我遇到的最难以忍受的人! 2. It's impossible for us to finish the work in one day. 我们在一天之内完成这份工作是不

不能:can't 不能用:can't use /must not use(简写忘了是怎样的,对不起) 不能用英语:can't use English

have to use(用是我自己翻译的,具体甚么词,你自己定.)这是1般现在时

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