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1.心事重重 some thing weighs heavily on one s mind the boss is quite down these days. he seems to havesomething weighingheavily on his mind.老板这几天沉默寡言,看起来好像是心事重重的2.苦苦哀求 press one s suit she pressed her suit

“烦躁”fidgety“急躁”impatience“难受”uncomfortable “这使我很急躁,无法决定”i was impatient, can't decide

Hi,A,you look so sad.Anything wrong with you?Yeah,I'm blue.I didn't do well in the English exam.I'm sorry to hear that.Did you at least finish the paper?Sure,but I'm not sure if I am right.Maybe I will fail the exam.Well,don't worry.May you a good day.

DelightfulSad HappyExcited好好好多为什么不问得更清楚一点呢

1.If you ever loved me,do not rob me of my hate.It's all I have. 如果你曾经真的爱过我,就不要夺走我的恨,因为那是我现在唯一拥有的东西.2.Sometimes life is no comparison with numbers,because the numbers can increase the total number,

The new year joyful lively is others, probably all have nothing to do with me. 新年的快乐热闹是人家的,好像一切都跟我无关.This sentiment only treats recalls, was only at that time already frustrated. 此情只待成追忆,只是当时已惘然.Thought knows is the dream, is extremely sad!觉来知是梦,不胜悲!

I'm fed up 我受够了其实一点小事就让你一天都郁闷难当.It doesn't take much to bring on a blue day.

形容心情的形容词:happy sad unhapy upset disappointed delighted anxious angery surprised frightened

表面的花心,内心的恐惧,有谁能懂? the heart seems fickle, actually feared, who can understand? 或:the superficial fickle heart and the the inner fear, who can understant? | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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