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变得出名 Become famous 英 ['fems] 美 [fems] adj. 著名的,出名的; 〈古〉一流的,极好的;

可能很多人都想成为明星变得出名Maybe many people want to become star and famous.

As it is known to us all ,LuXun is a famous Chinese writer.He is not only a writer,thinker,but also the founder of Chinese Literature .He wrote many classic (经典的)novels and his stories,which are translated many languages,were made into film,

变得出名 become famous 英 ['fems] 美 [fems] adj. 著名的,出名的; 〈古〉一流的,极好的;

he became famous because of this cartoon应该是吧

He became famous when he was only 20.He was 20 when he started to become famous.

I want to be a actor in the future.It can make a lot of money and also become famous.Making family live a happy life.

1994年正月初十,是世界上最美好的日子.就在这一天,我出生啦.阳光明媚,和风轻拂,在爸爸妈妈爱的海洋里,我快乐地成长着.现在,我已经是一个读四年级的九岁女孩了. 常听大人们说“这个世界变化真大”这句话,其实,我家的变

to become

出名的 famous well-know 相关解释: of repute on the map notorious well-known famed in the public eye 例句: 赫伯特总有一天会出名的. one of these days herbert will be famous. 奥斯卡王尔德是个出名的才子. oscar wilde was a famous wit. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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