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When the winter is coming, this mountain will be thick with snow. And beyond the snow mountain, it is my hometownLook. From here, it can be seen there is a piece of white on the summit of mountain, it is extremely beautiful, the highest mountain over there is a snow mountain

Please Xiao Hu help to inform Zhi Li come to the compnay for interview in the meeting room on the 5th floor at 16:00PM of Sep 7 (afternoon)

If the problem can't be solved,which would be fine,you needn't feel worried with it.However,thank you for the selfless help.希望采纳谢谢

I appreciate everything you've done for me,I'm thankful

你买下2付相同的眼镜,其中1个还没有付款,付了款后可以一起发货.You have purchased 2 pairs of glasses of the same style, one (1) of which has not yet been paid for. We will ship both the glasses after receiving the remaining payment.

1. People have voiced, moon month. 2. You will never understand my shangbei, like daytime don't understand night black, like forever burning sun don't understand month circle lacks,

您好!你在沙滩上拍的照片太美了!翻译为:The picture that you took at the beach was so beautiful.采纳我吧,谢谢你啦!记得给问豆啊!

We will hold celebration pary on Chirstmas day.We all prepare for it .we will and play guitar .that day i will put beautiful clothes and beautiful perform our favorate programme.for the happy day .we all are looking forwards to come qucikly

We tag each product sent to production line of CC8 and separate them from other goods in transportation, so that forklifts do not need to resort them when downloading the good. It saves time and increases the efficiency at the receiving portal.手工翻译的哦~~记得采纳哦 ~~

1A new book,2books on the shelves too little chaotic3 reading a lamp is broken 4 administrators at work chatting with each other

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