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Unfortunately, the username and account were incorrect. We hope you can send the correction letter to the bank as soon as possible, rectify the bank information into: 我对银行不怎么了解, 希望没翻译错。

我荒废了时间,时间便把我荒废了 I left uncultivated the time, the time have then left uncultivated me 新的火焰可以把旧的火焰扑灭; 大的苦痛可以使小的苦痛减轻。 译:The new flame may suppress the old flame;The big pain may cause ...

爱着我们的人和我们爱着的人都会守护在我们身边。 우리를 사랑하는 사람과 우리가 사랑하는 사람이 모ለ...

Only the fruit needs to be bought from the market by yourself. fruit当指水果的统称的时候一般是用作不可数名词,就是说后面的单词形式要用单数 He has been learning English for 6 years.

你好! 参考如下: We shall also update our information and knowledge continually and keep up with the pace of our times. We shall strive for a win-win policy. 地道的翻译就不能直译 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如果帮到了你...

准备大的脑子比较敏感,比小的大脑发育的刺激,他们需要更多帮助塑造他们的发挥长大成人。“我认为它是与学习的重要性,并与环境数据传送到大脑的发育过程中,”他says.引号里面的句子 2。提供关于身体周围玩输入

I received a very special gift from my families on my birthday - a free trip alone. It is the trip that practises my independence and became my turning point. I received a letter from my best friend, which said that she missed ...

1. I have been dizzy all day long because of too much sleep. 2. I felt my soul out and ran out of my strength after watching this movie.

机遇这样的情况,我们明显不能再次将325号信用证延期,该证将于三月18日过期。我们觉得有责任让您再次注意到这一事项。 由于所有相关方都希望您能准时装运,因此我们希望您能按时将货物运抵我处。

男:打扰一下,能不能把我的双人间换成单人间? 女:抱歉,先生。所有单人间都被预订了。你介意等一回吗?我会给你登记一个豪华宾馆的房间 问题:女的将要为男的做什么?

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