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帮忙翻译2句话 谢谢了 30分 (谷歌或软件翻译勿进)

本产品由中国平安财产保险股份有限公司产品责任承保 The product insured by the PING AN INSURANCE (GROUP) COMPANY OF CHINA , LTD. 压缩天然气汽车专用装置技术条件 The equipment technique condition of compressed natural gas automobile...

so i hope i could be good friend with the three kids.

如果你是surface RT版本,那么你只能在应用商店中查找你需要的应用,翻译软件是有的,但是photoshop是没有的. RT是基于ARM平台的,所以不能允许X86和X64的软件.也就是以前我们电脑上能用的所有程序都无法运行. 如果是surface PRO版本,那么只需要在开...

Unfortunately, the username and account were incorrect. We hope you can send the correction letter to the bank as soon as possible, rectify the bank information into: 我对银行不怎么了解, 希望没翻译错。


1.(我觉得)即使身心都困难重重,也请保持坚强的精神状态,渡过难关。 2.如果我是雨的话,就像连接永远没有交集的天空和大地一样,能连接谁的心吧。

I am an out-going girl and never fear stranger.besides,I enjoy making friends with anyone.

As the result of my examinations on 18 Jan. was unsatisfying, I do not feel like to send the score to my school. So could you cancel the delivery of all the score reports for me? Furthermore, have you sent the delivery for free...

我荒废了时间,时间便把我荒废了 I left uncultivated the time, the time have then left uncultivated me 新的火焰可以把旧的火焰扑灭; 大的苦痛可以使小的苦痛减轻。 译:The new flame may suppress the old flame;The big pain may cause ...

Thank you for your coordination, I have gotten into contact with the factory. They said that whether they could do it in advance should be discussed and then they would give me the respondence. ~O(∩_∩)O 自己翻译的哦~

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