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建立了多久吗?'”有500年的,“你的英国人.“在我的国家我们就可以完成四十天.”“在我的国家我们可以建立它在五的嘴巴.“那是伦敦塔了,他们来到圣:“那是花多长时间建造它然后他说他们可以做同样的事情在自己的国家muth快最后的英国人在生气与来访者虽然他尽量不去展示它一个英国人向一名外国游客在伦敦.“那是什么奇怪的大楼.几天后.”“我看见.保罗大教堂,游客问.“很有趣!”访客说,”访客说.后的短时间内,”访客说.这还不停的一天.他们参观了最著名的建筑每当看见城市一个全新的理念,“锄了多久建立吗?”“将近40年说? "问来访者

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1.How to do a good job on the connection of activities and the teaching content closely? 2.Motivateing the passion of participateing in the activities of personalized show. 3.Several problems which must be paid attention to when carrying out the activites.

My dreamMy dream is to become a cartoonist, because reading comic books is very happy to me.I want to share with you.Though in the eyes of adults cartoons is only a book delaying study,but you are mistaken.That the children like cartoon is a

1. .按照她要求的方式.(way) in a way she asked2.在那儿度过了我的童年.(spend) I spent my childhood there3.在他第一次尝试时.(attemp) when he attemped the first time4.人和动物都可以食用.(eat)Both human beings and animals can eat it.5

From rehabilitation recuperate to leisure feeder, the hot spring industry in China through the 20 years of road. Throughout China's hot spring tourism present situation, it may be said "good, fast, broad, big", and "low, backward, weak, little" exist

1.All the people are not like this,many couples who got married by marriage interview are still living a happy life for many years.My parents' marrage is the best example.2.The quarries between the couples are quite common,how can the couples don'

人事总监:Human Resources Director行政/人事总监:Admin/Human Resources Director行政人事总监:HR &ADMIN Director会议总监:Conference Planning &Sales Director 会议顾问:Conference Consultant理事长:President常务理事:Standing Director技术总监:Technical Director

亲爱的老师: 我要写这封信来对你说谢谢.感谢你教会了我们所需要学习的许多东西,谢谢你在我们有问题需要帮助的时候即使出现,谢谢你的付出和乐意帮助我们,谢谢你显示出的对我们的爱 我十分幸运能有一个像你一样的老师.并且无论我将来会成为怎样的人,你的光辉形象总会影响着我.你教会了我如何学习,如何生活甚至如何做人.从你身上我认识到我想做怎样的人并且认识到了我想从生活中获得的东西.这对我来说意义重大.我亲爱的老师,无论你在我的心里是一个怎样特殊的位子,我会始终记得我从你身上学到的,在生活中携带着你给予我的知识

yes .i got a cell phone ,a pair of shoes ,it is so pretty ,an white gita any other warm-hearted gifts really ?good luck !i really admired that ,you are graduated !

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