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1 我对大多哲人的想法一窍不通.2 Thomas帮我们拍了张和小孩儿在花园玩的照片.3 这把名剑曾为几个大将所有.1 W女:你和新室友处得怎样? M男:还好.我花了时间习惯他. Q问题:男方说的意味着什么?2 M:昨晚那个进修生演讲很

This is a good thing that I have sold out what I don't w

That man let his wife put the medicine on the shelf,so that it is out of children's out of sb's reach 固定搭配

1Excuse me, but when can i be off duty here?2Where's the best place for accommodation after we go down the hill?Anan's Inn, where serv

Life without any pursuance as a deadbody.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, our restaurant has the area of live play .And discount for more consumption. Welcome to our restaurant~

I like David Beckham, not only for his excellent skills, but also for his strong sense of teamwork and his handsome appearance.

当今社会,任何人都会接受用金钱来换取物品和服务的理念.人们用金钱来购买诸如 没有很高级的词汇和句型..不过放假放得我都快不会写字了,楼主凑合着看吧.楼上

Today is my first day in high school, I to this day full of expectation. High school means new environment, the new curriculum and new challenges, so I'm on vacation began to prepare for the high school. Today when I forward into the school of time,

The first impression is rather important to us.People often judge one by his/her first impression such as appearance ,clothing.make-up,talking ,action and so on.These may impress one ,and this impression will last long ,it's solid.Once it forms,it will

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