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This is a photo shows you the design of a clothes button. You will see, the button is printed as a blue eye ball. When you button up the shirt, the eye ball will be in the position where combines it with the eye rim that printed on the button hole as a

The Chinese people's way of thinking to migrate to English expression, commonly known as Chinese-English. Or to equate Chinese and Western cultures, ignoring the cultural differences. When members of a cultural observation, another culture,

1. The assistant is answering a phone call and checking the date!2. These two men are waiting someone to be here and have a meeting!3. The man is asking something in front of the clerk!

Throughout the whole movie, it can be said, this is the last few years, a precise and delicate works of cinema, tortuous plot acquired Ximo, righteous, love hate, have suspense, also have the bursting point, showing a near perfect martial

1. you are to be in class on time.2. food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the room.3. books, pencil/pen, and paper is to be brought to class every day.4. class work and homework is to be handed in on time.5. listen to the instructions and quickly

你好,可翻译为:Love came once,its footsteps were so light like a wispy dream.I hadn't give it a chair to sit down.When the love left slightly,I heard the noisy sound and then turned around to seek for it in a hurry.The bodiless dream,disappeared in


you have understood it throughtly. the history serves polity, and polity is troublesome. man can never avoid their desires, which results in the battles. i sustained that history is a tool for the construction of a country and polity, and we should treat it

Canada - global optimum live nationAccording to the UN report published in Canada, employment levels, per capita GDP, income, education and health level, and other comprehensive index in more than 160 countries ranked first.The beautiful

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