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{24} hour online 例句 很多院校都提供求职服务以及24小时在线帮助。 Many colleges offer job services and online aid at all hours.

open round-the-clock

the shop opens 24 hour (every day). the shop opens 24/7 则是在海外比较常见的说法。代表一个星期工作七天,每天24小时。有所谓全年无休息的感觉。

Dear judges, my name is Zhang Yi.Yi means iridium,which is the 77th in chemical elements.My characteristic is as steady and quiet as iridium.I was born in Jining Shangdong,the hometown of Railroad Guerrilla, living by a lake ca...

24小时英文:24 hours. 例句 Cover with plastic film and refrigerate for 24 hours. 覆上保鲜膜,冷藏24小时。

Send a meal telephone for 24 hours

Open twenty-four hours. In business with twenty-four hours.

不会吹牛说是唯一正确答案,但敢保证是正确答案之一,前提是你说的开机是指手机啊: My cell phone will be available for you whole day and night.

"New hope for 24 hours of pasteurized milk"

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