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long long ago 在很久很久以前 属于常用英语短语,再列一些作文能用到的常用短语。 到目前为止 so far 实现 come true 在晚会上 at the party 日常英语 everyday English 如此--以至于 so...that 了解 catch on 像--一样 be like 在近十五年 in ...

以前:before 现在:now We did it like that before.But we do it like this now. 以前我们那样做,现在我们这样做。

其实我一直都爱你,无论是以前还是现在。 I have been loving you all the time, no matter before or now.

not as the same as before 希望我的回答对你有帮助,祝好。

1. I'm not all the same greatly now as before. (all the same as... 完全相同,否定后加上程度副词 greatly 表示大不相同) 2. I'm not selfsame now as I was before. (selfsame 形容词,意思是完全相同) 3. I'm much more different now t...

首先,1不太好,因为很少有人用, 2,3都对,因为外国人常用 (对错好坏的标准就是英语国家的人使用情况) 2,3有区别 区别是 。。。。。。。 举个例子吧,更易理解 ta一直很体贴你,但你并没同样体贴ta,有一天你意识到这个问题,你就可以深情...

根据经验: 1. as a matter of experience 2. rule of thumb 根据自己的接触或经验来谈: speak as one finds According to our experience, these handicrafts can find a ready market in Japan. 根据我们的经验,这些手工艺品在日本销路很好。 ...

What I used to be What i will be What I was ten years ago What I will be in ten years

这句话应该看用在什么场合,正式的用法: Oh, so that's how it is. 有时候也可以简单的说“Oh, I see.”。

I had been living there before I entered the college.

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