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考验: (put to the) test Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 听他那没完没了的连篇空话对我的耐心真是一大考验。 Listening to his continuous stream of empty chatter really tested my patience. 2. 士兵的勇气在战斗中得到考验。 A sold...

翻译结果 严峻的考验英文怎么写 Test how to write in English

经受住考验 [词典] stand the racket; stand the test; [例句]你对我的爱必须经受住考验; Your love for me must stand the test.

考验的英语 是 test ,过去式、过去分词是 tested, 现在分词是testing 例句: The implementation of the policy tested wisdom of the government. 这项政策的实施考验了政府的智慧。

stand the trial/test希望有所帮助~谢谢

ru guo ni neng jing de qi kao yan,We + you zai yi qi 。

经受漫长时光的考验 go through/undergo the long times.

我很爱他,可因为现实的残忍!我们不得不分开,可我很确定我爱他的心从来都不曾动摇! 你要记得前车之鉴

经受时间考验 [网络] stand the test of time; [例句]然而,如果你能拥有可以经受时间考验的艺术作品或者哲学著作或者科学成就,那么你就无限接近永生了。 However, if you can have an artistic or philosophical or scientific creation that ...

经得住岁月的考验= 经年累月长保青春没有老化,英语造句: It remains the same although several decades passed away. 或者: Although several centuries have gone, it seems no change.

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