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1.make every effort to help others 2.try one's best to help others everything that one can to help others 英语中没有“绵薄之力”的说法,只有尽最大可能,尽力等。希望您能满意。

尽自己的绵薄之力去帮助别人”的英文翻译_百度翻译 尽自己的绵薄之力去帮助别人” Do your best to help others" 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 others_百度翻译 others n. 其他的; 别的( other的名词复数 ); (两个中的) 另一个; 其余的; [例句]Sh...

I hope to make my humble effort to do sth.

i want to try my best to help people who real need me, but when i found it ,everything was gone. 希望能够帮到你 xoxo

你想买手机我资助不起你,只能尽我的一份绵薄之力,还望你笑纳 Since I can't afford the phone to you, my small efforts will be offered to you, I hope you kindly recept it. 希望能帮助到你,满意请采纳

we should be polite、honest、kind and try our best to help others

To make modest means

他会自己出钱建一坐希望小学 He will make his own money to build a hope primary school

contributing to its success in a new role就是这句话,直译意思是:我会作为新的一员为苹果的成功贡献自己的力量

subway n.潜水艇 subway n.地道;底下地铁 submerge v.浸没,淹没 挖地道 Dig a subway ; bore a tunnel 时光地道 just visiting 林肯地道 Lincoln Tunnel 地道 [dì dào](地下通道或坑道) subway; tunnel; underpass; gallery: entrance to a t...

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