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1、miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly for them. 奇迹有时候是会发生的,但是你得为之拼命的努力. c. weizmann(爱尔兰总统魏茨曼) 2、it never will rain roses.(名人名言 when we want to have more

do well in

还行网络释义还行:It's not bad|Es geht|Not too bad

In your heart I am the one who likes you or people you like望采纳,谢谢

查查 英语字典呀! 呵呵 !

compare[kEm5pZE]v.比较, 相比, 比喻 n.比较

1. 一个产品不同的部位会有不同的厚度,它是不规则的,所以我们无法定义一个准确的厚度The thickness varies irregularly for different parts of a product. So we can't define an accurate one.2. 这是手工的产品,

呵呵,有语法错误的..:)How will revenue affect the low-income people ~~

Sailing for 7 days, make arrangements to pay the balance.

好 1. ok 2. all right 3. fine 4. get well 5. good 6. kind 7. nice

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