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原来我只是其中一个。(原来,我只是其中之一。) originally,I was just one of them. 还从没暧昧过。(从未有过暧昧。) There has never been ambiguous.

最善长翻译这种有感觉的句子了……i have always been trying to i'm no longer the one i used to be.....

英语:It turns out that I have always been passionate about myself. 原来英语: turn out to be结果是,原来是,证明是 例句:原来她在纽约和一名律师同居了。 It turned out she was shacked up with a lawyer in New York. 自作多情是一个...

到最后,我发现自己什么都不是。 At last, I find out that I am nobody.

Originally, I just wishful thinking

Originally I only am one kind of ornaments, does not have the value

原来我在此时充当的是一个骗子的角色。 I was at this time to act as the role of a liar.

原来我什么都不是,英文是:It turns out that I am nobody. 句子解释: turn out 英[tə:n aut] 美[tɚn aʊt] [词典] 关掉; 结果是; 制造; 出席; [例句]If I had known my life was going to turn out like this, I would have le...

英文原文: in fact i'm not the person you like best 英式音标: [ɪn] [fækt] [aɪm] [nɒt] [ðə] [ˈpɜːs(ə)n] [juː] [laɪk] [best] 美式音标: [ɪn] [fækt] [aɪm]...

原来我是最笨的 Originally I was the most stupid 原来我是最笨的 Originally I was the most stupid

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